Monday, June 12, 2017

Week Seventy-Five: One Month to Go!

Area: Delano Ward
Companions: Hermana Galvez and Hermana Ruiz

This week was a good one. It seems like the time is going by faster and faster, but things have been good and we have been seeing a lot of success in the area. I am really happy to be here, where I am right now, sharing the gospel with people.

We have been looking for a lot of service opportunities lately and we didn't have anything to do on Tuesday morning, so we decided to call one of the members who recently broke her wrist. Last minute, we asked her if she needed any help with anything and she told us that we could come over and help her to pull up some weeds from her yard and to trim down her rose bushes. It was nice to be able to help her out a little bit and to be able to do some yard work. I love serving people. It is one of my favorite parts of being a missionary!

We have been trying to work with our members more recently and we have been seeing some success with that. We decided to take one of our members, Hermana Perez, to a lesson, but it ended up falling through. We decided to try and visit a couple of people that we have been teaching, but no one was home. As a last resort, we decided to visit the mother of one of the recent converts in the area. When we went to her house, the mother wasn't there, but the brother was. He has never learned from the missionaries before, even though we have seen him a couple of times. He told us that he was Catholic and that he wasn't interested and Hermana Perez was able to bear her testimony about how her life has changed since joining the church. It was a powerful testimony. After that, the brother said, "If I go to your church, can I still go to the rodeo?" I guess he had never wanted to learn before because he thought that he wouldn't be able to do that. After we told him that he could, he was excited to learn and he let us teach him.

I guess that the biggest news of the week is that one of the families that we have been working with, Victoriano and Luisa, have started to make a lot of progress all of the sudden. We have been teaching the main couple for a while and all they need to do in order to be baptized is to get married. When we first got here, Luisa didn't want to get married until they moved back to Mexico in three years. When we went over this week, we were talking to her and she said that she wanted to get married at the beginning of next month. We were a little shocked by the sudden change of feelings, so we asked her why she wanted to get married so soon. She told us that the night before, she had a dream that she was getting married dressed in white. We were happy for her. Then she told us that when you dream that in her culture, it means that you are going to die soon. I hope that that isn't true! In any case, I guess the Lord works in mysterious ways to help accomplish his work! We have been praying for miracles with that family and they are finally coming. We are planning to go down with them this Tuesday to Bakersfield so we can help them to purchase a marriage license and she told us that we could come with her to pick out a dress.

We have also recently started to teach some other members of the family. We started teaching Gabino, the brother of Victoriano last week and he is super cool! He is about 21 years old and he really wants to learn more about God. We invited all of the family to come to church this week and they all came! After the sacrament meeting, Victoriano and Luisa had to leave to go visit some family out of town, but Gabino and the tia, Fransisca, were able to stay for all three hours. They were the only ones in the Spanish Gospel Principles class, but they really seemed to like it and they said that they would come back next week. The past couple of times that we have taught Gabino, he has asked us where he could get a name tag like us and he says that he wants to be a missionary, too!

Last night, we were just about to head in when we stopped to talk with one last person in the park. He was sitting on one of the benches, listening to music. We started talking to him and we soon discovered that he was a famous DJ, just chilling in the park. He talked to us about all of the music festivals that he has played at and all of the things that he has done in his life. He even taught us a couple of dance moves. I don't know if he really is a famous DJ, but in any case, it was a fun way to end out the week!

Things have been well and we have been seeing miracles. I know that we are in the Lord's work and that I am doing what I need to be doing. I am so glad that I am a missionary right now! I know that the gospel is true and I have really seen its blessings in my life! I hope that you all have a good week!

Hermana Blau

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